Post #230: The Clock is Ticking: Basketball with the Trumpsters

Two minutes left in regulation. The Trumpsters are feeling good about another win. The stock market is at an all-time high, the Mueller report provided “total exoneration,” the Supreme Court is in their pocket, the Democrats are divided on impeachment, and the Chinese may deliver a trade deal. Time to run out the clock.
But wait! The scoreboard says the Trumpsters are trailing, not leading: that rock-solid 40 percent is headed down. The Mueller report is chipping away at the Trumpsters’ base. The Democrats are putting on an all-court press (literally). Those folks from Central America just keep demanding asylum. The economy is only delivering for the wealthy.
The Trumpsters’ coach is waving wildly—stop passing and shoot, for God’s sake. We’re behind! “Fake news,” yells DJ, the captain. Coach sends in a sixth man; that’s illegal, but hey, it’s all about winning, no? “Witch hunt,” DJ shouts, as Dems call for the sixth man to be removed. He refuses; Dems turn to their lawyer. DJ just keeps passing, supremely confident that the clock favors them, no matter what anyone says, even the coaching staff. What do they know anyway?
The Trumpsters get nasty; they’re pushing, shoving, kicking the Dems. Anything goes. Then a steal; the Dems’ playbook disappears. The announcer, with cash in hand from some guy seated behind him, starts a chant: “Lock them up!” If not for two alert stadium guards (“liberal Clinton-ites”), the scoreboard would have been hacked, but as it is, the Dems still lead. Yet the Trumpsters are still playing hold-the-ball. It’s “game over” for them.
The Dems are patient; they trust the scoreboard and they have a deep bench. At playoff time, all they have to do is decide on their starting lineup, play team ball, and keep their heads in the game. Can they pull it off, knowing that the Trumpsters are already proclaiming the outcome in 2020 is “rigged”?

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  1. Many decades ago when NBA centers stood 6’8″, league leading guards put up something called the”set shot” (with two hands), no one on the court was able to dunk, and the Knicks were on top in the old Madison Square Garden, you wrote a classic Gurtovian analysis of pro-basketball. I have the original evidence to prove it. As the clock wound down, you were suggesting something like a humanistic, negotiated solution–you didn’t use the word “engagement” at that time. Shades of things to come. 😎

  2. Hi Mel,

    Good blog!

    After two thefts, one wonders if there will not be a third coming up?


  3. Fine and dandy, Mel. But where is your (our) Damian Lillard? We need at least a 50 point shooter. Granted, without question, your remarkable coaching skills are widely acknowledged and praised, but even your ability is not enough if we don’t have a Lillard. So, keep launching those amazing free throws from Deadwood while we all search for our superstar(s).

  4. Great metaphor; lots of fun. But need re-working. There are two scoreboards.

    And is it a single game with two minutes left, or playoff time, or both?

    Is it Game Over in Nov 2020, or will Trumpsters cry “unfair” after losing (especially if close) and refuse to concede the game and leave the White House?


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