About this site

This website is dedicated to promoting ideas, policies, and organizations that seek to advance international understanding and the quality of life, especially for the largely impoverished global majority and disempowered citizens everywhere. The blog and accompanying materials seek to speak to the human interest, guided by principles of social justice, environmental stewardship, protection and promotion of human rights, and peace rather than by the interests of governments or corporations. Greed, injustice, and violence are our targets; and diplomacy focused on engagement is the preferred strategy for transcending differences. Einstein once said that “those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”We are dedicated to that ideal and sense of responsibility.


About me


I am Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Portland State University (Oregon) and Senior Editor of Asian Perspective, an international affairs quarterly, which from 1994 to 2017 I served as Editor-in-Chief. I have published over 25 books on the international politics of East Asia, US foreign policy, and human-security issues. My recent books are <eWill This Be China’s Century? A Skeptic’s View (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2013) and Engaging Adversaries: Peacemaking and Diplomacy in the Human Interest (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018). 

My latest book is America in Retreat: Foreign Policy Under Donald Trump. It will be published by Rowman & Littlefield in July 2020.

I live in Deadwood, a very small community in western Oregon, where I help my wife in the beautiful Heirloom apple orchard and vegetable garden she has created.


  1. I love your piece today on “The Smirking Chimp”.I live in a small narrow-mined community in Ohio and am always seeking out kindred souls in this a most dark period in the history of this country.Thank-you for brightening my day.

  2. Your class in the MIM program at PSU was my number 1 favorite class in the entire program. My interests in international affair started after taking your class. I immediately thought of your lecture on North Korea when the North and South Koreas’ leaders met two days ago. What you said in the lecture about North Korea was right although many American students strongly disagreed with you during the lecture. I happened to bump into you one time at PDX airport while waiting for TSA bag checks few years after graduation. Pardon me for forgetting your full name at that time but I always remember your awesome lectures. By the way, your knowledge of the Chinese language was truly impressive, even better than mine. Cheers to you Professor Gurtov!

  3. I’m signed up for “follow by email.” BTW, Ming Tan’s “your knowledge of the Chinese language was truly impressive, even better than mine. Cheers to you Professor Gurtov!” only echoes what I experienced in the past, in the old days at U.C. Riverside. I won’t forget that time in San Berdoo at the Chinese joint featuring one of the Kuomintang’s/ Chiang Kai Shek’s personal chefs (I think!).

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