Bannon Speaks

Stephen Bannon came out from the shadows to say a few precious words at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland.  He said the president is focused on three things: national security, economic nationalism, and “deconstruction of the administrative state.”  That last item is being interpreted as referring to elimination of many federal regulations. But I think he meant much more: the removal or at least evisceration of institutions and agencies devoted to social well being and democracy: the independent media, the EPA, the Department of Education.  Bannon probably also aims at other institutions, such as the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, that he hopes to force to bend to his will—in other words, to carry on in ways that implement an agenda that is anti-immigrant, white supremacist, misogynist, anti-LGBT, and in general devoted to narrowing human rights to the maximum extent possible.

Stephen Bannon is a threat to real national security, pure and simple.  Lock him up!


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