“One Billion Dollars for the Planet” (Oct. 2018) https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/31/opinion/earth-biodiversity-conservation-billion-dollars.html. A philanthropist makes a major pledge for conservation.

“World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice” (Nov. 2017), https://academic.oup.com/bioscience/article/67/12/1026/4605229#main.  Over 15,000 scientists join in reaffirming the 1992 warning about climate change and other environmental disasters that lie ahead.

Disposing of Nuclear Waste: Transparency Works: www.nytimes.com/2017/06/09/science/nuclear-reactor-waste-finland.html

Greening Capitalism, Quietly: Seven Types of Organizations Driving the “Necessary Revolution” by Michael Marien and Michael Sales (Feb. 2017): http://www.ethicalmarkets.com/greening-capitalism-quietly-seven-types-of-organizations-driving-the-necessary-revolution/

The National Intelligence Council’s quadrennial report on global trends (260 pp.) was published just before Trump’s inauguration: www.dni.gov/files/images/globalTrends/documents/GT-Full-Report.pdf. Its three scenarios of the future make for very unhappy reading despite the authors’ best effort to point to opportunities at local levels.


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