Post #277: Our Deranged President

In 2016 America’s electoral college gave Donald Trump the presidency.  Within a few months we came to realize that this man has serious mental problems. Within a year, some psychologists concluded that Trump was a narcissist, among other afflictions.  Now, nearly four years later—it has to be said, since the media won’t—we realize that he is deranged, a man on the edge, flailing at allies and enemies alike with uncontrolled rage.  Doctors suggest Trump’s erratic behavior may stem from his coronavirus treatment, but that slides by a history of mental instability, as his niece, Mary Trump, recently revealed.  His behavior has been erratic, and unpredictable, for many years—demanding absolute loyalty from subordinates, lashing out at critics, spewing racist and misogynist insults—all while proclaiming his superior wisdom and leadership. The virus only illuminates the worst in him.  

Trump has always been a threat to national security, as numerous former officials, Republicans as well as Democrats, have pointed out.  But now he’s a different kind of security threat as he parades around the Oval Office and prepares to venture out for more mass rallies, all the while insisting his illness is really a positive thing and the experimental drug Regeneron is a “cure.”  He raises the question whether a president who carries a dangerous disease can be stopped from becoming a super-spreader.  House speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to use the 25th Amendment to sideline Trump, but that’s a long shot at best—just like the “coup” Trump says she’s planning.  Only his spineless confidantes can stop Trump, but with the election only weeks away, that is not going to happen either.

It seems that we will have to put up with this very sick man awhile longer.  We’re fortunate that the US is not in the midst of an international crisis.  Can you imagine what Trump might say or do, pumped up with steroids and determined to show he’s in charge?  Bad enough that he’s demanding that Obama, Hillary, and Biden be jailed and denouncing Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer, the victim of a far-right plot by crazed Trump supporters.  What if North Korea were to conduct another nuclear weapon test, or China were to down a Taiwan aircraft, or Russia were to intervene in the Azerbaijan-Armenia dispute over Nagorno Karabakh?  Would Trump respond rationally to such events?        

What many commentators have said bears repeating: The best and only answer to this intolerable, illegitimate president and his followers is a massive Democratic victory at the polls.  That prospect looks better every day, thanks largely to Trump’s rants.  He must be left with no excuse for malingering in the White House and looking for ways to end democracy in America.  He needs to be fired and seek treatment.

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  1. Thank you Mel for speaking out the truth. I never thought I would see the day America is being run by a lunatic and a whole Congress full of Republicans who allowed this man to stay in office only to pack the Supreme Court with far right people who only care about their religious right anti abortion and gay bashing wing nuts. They had the perfect opportunity to impeach this deranged idiot and they all held together to let him go. I hope they all get voted out and Trump ends up in prison for mass murder or negligence plus all the money stuff that’s coming out from NYT. Oh yea I forgot. That is fake news. Watch FOX news for the real shit. Please submit this post to as many newspapers as you can starting with NYT or Washington Post.

  2. So true. I just watched todays 49er football game where Trump approved a commercial that misquoted Anthony Fauci as saying Trump had done all that anyone could do!

  3. Thanks, Mel. I dream of a landslide like none before. Literally, every day I am thinking “What if…” as I imagine a better world. It’s all I will allow myself to dwell on for too-obvious reasons.

    Trump is supposedly negotiating with Putin on the only nuclear arms treaty between the US and Russia. This article that you might not yet have seen points to the urgency of seeing that treaty renewal happening:


  4. Very nice piece. As usual, square on the mark.

    Stay well, Pete

    On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 2:57 AM In the Human Interest – Mel Gurtov wrote:

    > Mel Gurtov posted: ” In 2016 America’s electoral college gave Donald Trump > the presidency. Within a few months we came to realize that this man has > serious mental problems. Within a year, some psychologists concluded that > Trump was a narcissist, among other afflictions. No” >

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