Post #272: The Election: Concerns, Confidence, Candidates

Five things that worry me about the election:

• Biden’s declining support among Latinos;
• Trump’s law-and-order appeal amidst violence and destruction of property in protest marches;
• Domination of social media outlets by the far right;
• Low single-digit leads for Democrats in major Senate races;
• Constant attacks on mail-in balloting.

(P.S.: Of course I’m terribly concerned about what Trump will do if he loses, but first things first. Biden needs to step up his game—get out to the Midwest, starting in Michigan and Wisconsin; clarify his stand on urban protests, street violence, and right-wing terrorism; underscore his ideas for economic renewal, public health, and jobs—antidotes to the criminal regime in Washington.)

And five things that give me confidence:

• Trump being Trump: impulsive, lying, racist, authoritarian;
• Biden’s steadiness and character;
• COVID-19’s persistence;
• The imploding economy and historic unemployment;
• Grassroots organizing on behalf of progressive candidates.

Based on your responses to a previous post, here are human-interest candidates worthy of our support (*=challenger):

Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
Jeff Merkley (D-OR)
Amy McGrath (D-KY)*
Mark Kelly (D-AZ)*
Gary Peters (D-MI)
Cal Cunningham (D-NC)*
Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM)*
Theresa Greenfield (D-IA)*

Teresa Leger Fernandez (D-NM, 3d CD)
Samelys López (D-NY, 15th CD)*
Jamaal Bowman (D-NY, 16th CD)*
Josh Harder (D-CA. 10th CD)*
Peter DeFazio (D-OR, 4th CD)
Mike Siegel (D-TX, 10th CD)
Lauren Underwood (D-IL, 14th CD)
Katie Porter (D-CA, 45th CD)
Michelle De La Isla (D-KS, 2nd CD)
Adam Hattersley (D-FL, 15th CD)*
Georgette Gómez (D-CA, 53rd CD)
Christina Hale (D-,5th District)*
Earl Blumenauer (D-OR, 3d CD)

Karen Tallian (D-IN)-state attorney general-primary
Nikil Saval (D-PA)-state senate
Jabari Brisport (D-NY)-state senate
Phara Souffrant Forrest (D-NY)-state assembly
Shemia Fagan (D-OR)-secretary of state

Here are the Senate races generally considered “most likely to flip” from Republican to Democratic (with thanks to David Byler of the Washington Post):

1. Arizona (R-Martha McSally, inc./D-Mark Kelly)
2. Colorado (R-Cory Gardner, inc./D-John Hickenlooper)
3. Maine (R-Susan Collins, inc./D-Sara Gideon)
4. North Carolina (R-Thom Tillis, inc./D-Cal Cunningham)
5. Montana (R-Steve Daines, inc./D-Steve Bullock)
6. Georgia (R-David Perdue, inc./D-Jon Ossoff)
7. Iowa (R-Joni Ernst, inc./D-Theresa Greenfield)

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  1. Hi Mel,

    Thanks very much for the information, and for your efforts to help halt a difficult situation from devolving into a true catastrophe. I feel guilty in a way that I’m not doing more, but at least I am to receive an absentee ballot and I will pay attention to the names on your list when I vote. I’m also helping a friend here to get a ballot. Unfortunately, I suspect he will vote for Trump (not a deep friendship, obviously), which would in the big picture cancel my vote for Biden. I hope not.

    Be healthy and safe,


  2. Your article is posted August 29th and we all know that a week in polls can change dramatically. As of this date, I have been seeing many polls showing that a clear majority of Americans support the nationwide protests while disapproving Trumps responses to them. Assuming you believe this to be true, does Trump’s “law and order” appeal still worry you?

    1. I think the polls are accurate for nationwide opinion. Still, Trump’s appeal may resonate in the Midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin), where he has considerable support. Strange, isn’t it? Here’s the most lawless, corrupt president in memory, appealing for law and order. Maybe a few of Trump’s supporters will take a moment to note the headlines from Michael Cohen’s and Bob Woodward’s latest books.

      1. Strange on one hand yes but in another light I’m not surprised. It seems that people who don’t believe in pluralism and think democracy and morality are transactional like authoritarian figures, no matter how corrupt, inconsistent, and incompetant they are.

        Its not about facts but reinforcing the myths that sustain their worldview.

  3. Dear Mel: Excellent analysis, as always. How are you doing amidst the fires down your way? We are getting your smoke. Sue and I hope your are well and safe.




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