Post #240: Our Racist President

“Donald Trump lost the election because he veered so far off course from what it means to be a decent person, to be a leader, and to be an American. He interpreted his 2016 victory as a mandate to act like the bullying, vindictive business tycoon he had always been, forever in denial about his actual popularity and the extent of support for his manner of governing, notably his reliance on racism to advance the white nationalist cause. He thought America would embrace a tough talking demagogue who was going to clean house, alleviate middle-class grievances, and remake the world, none of which he accomplished and all of which he made worse. In his failures, however, he forced us to look in the mirror and see just how far the country needs to go in its noble experiment.”


The above is what I would like to write on November 4, 2020.  The most important theme that Democratic candidates at all levels, moderate and progressive alike, should emphasize is that Donald Trump is and always has been hostile to traditional American values.  Far from seeking to make America great, he has degraded and divided the country, notably with blatant appeals to anti-immigrant sentiments, attacks on non-white officeholders, and rejection of the values of multiculturalism and diversity. The depths of his influence as a racist may be gauged not merely by the support he receives from certain whites but also, and more conspicuously, by the indifference to his racism of the Republican Party establishment.

A Quinnipiac University poll finds that 51 percent of Americans believe Trump is a racist. Yet the New York Times reports that Democrats are uncertain how to respond to Trump’s race baiting and xenophobia.  There shouldn’t be any uncertainty: Democrats should hold nothing back in portraying Trump as un-American, a man whose racism is not merely divisive but also informs many of his policy stances—for example, on law and the courts, the economy, education, foreign aid, and emergency assistance to US communities.  If Trump is reelected America will be unrecognizable as a democracy open to all.  How absurd that a president cannot be impeached for such an obviously “high crime and misdemeanor.”

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  1. Mel when I read the first line of your statement today I felt exhilarated. As I read further I realized this was a dream I wish will come true come November 2020. You are correct that if he does get re-elected we will indeed be a different country. Trump has brought to the surface an element in our country that is so much larger than I ever imagined. This is a time we need MILLIONS of people to rise up and surround congress and the white house to DEMAND this demon be removed from office. I believe when Trump loses the election he will feed his 40% supporters to rise up with their hate and guns and a bloody revolution will take place. He has fed a cancer in our society and climate that is destroying all we stand for as decent human beings. He is feeding global climate destruction with his ever growing greed for power and money and lack of appreciation for nature, beauty, decency, leadership, and overall appreciation for all living things other than himself. He is a despicable little man. The republican party is going along with all his crap. The democrats need to get their act together and call him out and stop trying to be centrist. It won’t work. Thank you Mel for your insight and wisdom.

  2. Dear Mel:
    What a thoughtful piece! However there is an aspect of what you haven’t covered: American evangelism. White American evangelicals went for The Drumpf in overwhelming numbers; let’s see if they do so again in 2020. The odds are, they won’t, at least not so overwhelmingly so. Being a half-assed Methodist myself, I have recently felt there may be a showdown between American ecumenism versus evangelism (I consider myself to be the former). We’ll see.

  3. Mel: Nice opening. See other comments below, in CAPS.

    Do you look at the cable TV program, “Our Cartoon President”?

    * MIKE

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