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Dear Friends,

Global Citizen‘s fourteenth weekly commentary discusses the very real threat to US democracy posed by the Republican far-right. The threat not only is to our electoral system but to national security, and Pres. Biden is urged to act forcefully against it.

Previous broadcasts are archived at APB and Radio Broadcasts on the blog main page (

#14- Saving Democracy in America (June 8, 2021)



  1. I listened to both commentaries and think highly of them. The vocal renditions do carry some informations beyond what can be achieved with the written words. Keep’em coming! Thank you.

  2. In your thrall, Mel.

    I listened to the Biden … much (all?) of it familiar from earlier blogs.
    And thought it excellent, even statesmanlike in its refusal to ignore the difficult issues..
    With one exception.
    Insistence on Uyghur policy as genocide, in my view, is both misleading and, more important, blows up the barn.
    By which I mean that it’s essentially the end of conversation. In my view, it precludes the possibility of progress along the diplomatic lines you propose.
    First, what’s wrong with it. Using the 1940s gold standard, the two key elements are 1. An attempt to annihilate a population … say ethnic or religious and 2. Driving out of the country a population.
    Make no mistake, I’m not apologizing for an inhumane policy. But in my reading, its goals are neither of the above. Rather they carry to disastrous extremes assimilationist policies carried out by many regimes. Perhaps the term assimilationist is too mild, but I’m trying to make a distinction.


    Mark Selden
    Editor, The Asia-Pacific Journal:
    Dying for an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn and the Lives of China’s Workers out now.


  3. Hi Mel,

    Just listened to #2 (only because it was listed first). I thought it was great. It gave me a framework for thinking about our relationship with China. Something that I am guessing a lot of Americans need after being jerked around by Trump’s rhetoric re same. Thanks.


  4. Hi Mel,

    Very nice!

    Good to hear your voice and commentary.

    We are glad that baseball is starting up!


  5. Very fine.  The only Media Mogul I know is our Mel

    From: In the Human Interest – Mel Gurtov Reply-To: In the Human Interest – Mel Gurtov Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 9:06 AM To: Subject: [New post] TODAY in foreign affairs

    Mel Gurtov posted: ” Dear Friends,Just recently I began a new venture: broadcasting weekly 5-minute commentaries on foreign affairs for a local (Florence, OR) radio station. Here are the first two. I’ll be sending these out as I produce them; I hope you will enjoy the broa”

  6. Hi Mel,     Thanks for letting me know of your new broadcasting venture and for including these audio clips.     I enjoyed listening.  You have a wonderful talent for packing lots of sensible information and insights into a short presentation.  Well done! Best wishes, Paul

  7. Thank you. Your information is just what we need, the truth of what is and has been happening while the rest of us sleep.
    Much appreciated

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