PODCASTS for the Global Citizen

Episode #6, “The Pentagon’s Untouchable Budget,” delineates the 8-point narrative used by all administrations to justify excessive military spending. Biden could draw from the $752 billion proposed FY2022 Pentagon budget to help finance his economic recovery proposals, but he won’t touch it. Listen at


Episode #5 emphasizes the threat to America’s democracy posed by the far-right Republican leadership, and urges Pres. Biden to act decisively on voting rights. The consequences of failure will be severe for the conduct of US foreign policy and for the country’s democratic system. Listen at


Episodes #3 and 4 address US-China relations at a time of increasing friction. #3 raises questions about Biden’s China policy, which seems to be heavy on criticism of China (some of it well-deserved) but light on engagement for mutual benefit. Listen at https://www.podserve.fm/episodes/31753/bidens-puzzling-china-policy.m4a. #4 focuses on the dangerous escalation of tensions over Taiwan, with a look back at a US-China crisis in 1958 that almost led to US use of nuclear weapons. Each side’s misreading of the other’s intentions then could be repeated, with catastrophic consequences. Listen at https://www.podserve.fm/episodes/32051/is-a-us-china-war-over-taiwan-possible.m4a

Episodes #1 and 2, concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict, are available at:




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