A few weeks ago I began Global Citizen, 5-minute radio commentaries that are archived on the blog site. Now, as an experiment, I’m inviting you to a Zoom meeting where I will update the initial group of topics–including US-China relations, the Myanmar repression, North Korea’s nuclear weapons, and climate change–and introduce a guest expert.

If you wish to join me, please provide your email address, either by using the comment section on this page or by emailing me directly ( I will send you the Zoom link shortly before the meeting, or will post the recording afterwards.

The first Zoom meeting was Monday, May 10, with Prof. John Badgley as my guest, speaking on the violence in Myanmar.




  1. Hi Mel,

    This sounds quite interesting. However, I’ll probably be teaching at that time so it is unlikely I can join you. If there is a cancellation I’ll contact you and ask for the Zoom invite. I’m so pleased that you are doing this.


  2. Hi Mel,     Congratulations on this new venture.  At a time when Americans are more focused than ever on their internal politics, it’s great to have your wise perspectives on international affairs.     I won’t be able to catch the first Zoom session live but look forward to viewing the recording. Paul

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