APB: The Trump-Xi Meeting in Beijing, Very Briefly

Donald Trump gave Xi Jinping endorsements; Xi gave him face. Trump heaped praise on Xi for being a strong leader; Xi said nothing in return. Trump announced US responsibility for the trade deficit; Xi did not contradict him. Trump will claim that China has agreed to remove barriers to the American financial sector in the Chinese market; but Xi’s promises aren’t ironclad. Trump lamented that the US is “so far behind” China, while Xi simply noted that the Pacific has room for both countries. Trump said nothing about human rights in China, letting Xi believe it’s no longer an American priority. Trump called on China for the umpteenth time to strengthen sanctions on North Korea; Xi said nothing, and the Chinese press removed Trump’s comments. Trump will return home and say the trip was a huge success, while Xi will believe the home field advantage really works. In short, Trump emerged looking like a supplicant, whereas Xi came off looking like the head of a coequal great power.

Since politicians and media like to focus on winners and losers, is there any doubt how the Beijing 2017 summit will be remembered?



  1. Oh how much Trump deserves this outcome. Talk about poetic justice, given his rash, impolitic initial statements about X J at the outset.

    Did you see Barbara Andersen’s comments on the News Hour the other night? Sounds like Tillerson is successfully emptying out all the experienced diplomats in the State and Foreign Service Sectors.

    And could it possibly be true that Trump chose a guy for his cabinet who was going to kidnap Gulen for the dictator Erdogan?

    When will the craziness stop?


  2. Thanks, Karen. In response to 3 of your points: (1) Under Tillerson, the State Dept. is a mere shadow of its former self and many career diplomats have been forced out or resigned; (2) Yes, an experienced kidnapper was chosen; fortunately, he didn’t last long but, as you know, Trump still regards him as a great guy; (3) The craziness will continue.

  3. Got ‘im wit both barrels! Interesting ,and, I’m sure, an accurate interpretation of Twittiepis’s trip..

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